Monday, May 19, 2008

Do they make Speedos in size 0-3 months?

We start feeling the peer pressure to enroll our kid in organized activity about age 2-3 months….but it can start earlier if you are a real go-getter. Parent Tot classes are things like: Mommy and Me, Little Gym, and Gymboree groups where the infant and mom do body movement to music, sometimes involving colorful parachutes (why parachutes??? I’ve never figured that one out). Also, there are water familiarization classes at the local pools where a parent and an infant hop into the pool together with a teacher and a few other pairs and gently splash the water and hope the baby likes it. I’ve heard that for some families, water births are planned for the sole purpose of getting ahead of the neighbor kids with regards to the year round swimming and diving teams. It’s hard to dispute your intentions when the birth announcement photo features the new baby wearing $40.00 swim goggles.

I think mom/infant organized activities are great if you are in need or want of company, but really not necessary for your baby at all. Most folks do this stuff at home without even thinking about. On the other hand, if you and your progeny are together all day and you’ve caught yourself asking the diaper genie what he thinks about the democratic candidates views on immigration and then arguing with his views, it actually may be a really great way for your kid to get used to new environments and for you to get out of the house and meet other moms/dads desperately searching outside contact with humans over the age of 4.

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