Thursday, June 19, 2008

Answering your Questions !!

The most common (actually this is by far the most common question, in fact nearly the ONLY) type of question I get is below:

I’m moving to a new state and need to find the right Soccer program for my kids. How do I find the best ballet school in my area?
Where is a decent competitive gymnastics team in my new city?
Is there a fun, non-competitive basketball league in my area?
etc, etc.......

Conveniently, these are extremely easy questions to answer. As with everything else in life that is important….the INTERNET is the answer.

1. Type in Google search similar to this: soccer programs Houston TX. You will find quite a few different programs to do further research (both internet and telephone if you like)

2. Also try the small towns that are surrounding the large town in your searches. Mix up your searches: recreational soccer Houston TX, Sugar Land TX soccer clubs, soccer program in Houston, etc......

3. Check out each google hit and narrow down the places that look interesting, check out their website, give them a call.

4. Another thing I always do is check out the city’s (and each nearby small town that would be drive-able) Parks and Recreation department for the programs you are interested in.

5. Try the areas YMCA’s, they usually run lots of recreation level sports leagues. They all will have websites.

6. An excellent resource for the more specific questions is the website. It’s broken up into geographic areas of the country and you can post really specific questions. For example you can go to the Birmingham, AL forum, open up a new topic and ask: I’m moving to the area and my daughter is a level 7 gymnast, can you all please give me some recommendations? Also, you can ask this forum for opinions on some of the programs you found on your Google search. For example: “” I’m interested in having my son tryout for the Networks Basketball AAU Club, does anyone have any information or opinions on that program? “”

7. Check out the local High Schools athletic programs and their websites. You can give the varsity coach of the Softball team a call and ask her/his opinion of local club programs for your competitive softball play.

Good Luck!

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