Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Juice and Drink suggestions for Post-Game Fun

Sorry for such a long delay, I meant put this up a day or two after the snack lists....but with school, club soccer, and school soccer all starting simultaneously, I've been a complete mess. It's a miracle that I've remembered to go to work; I even forgot my password to this blog. So anyway...Below is the twin to the snack list below, except, obviously it's for drinks...which according to some is even more important...something about hydration. Of course you want your kid to have access to water before and during the games, especially if it's an outdoor sport on a hot day, a hockey game, or it lasts longer than an hour. But below is more focused toward what individually packaged drinks could be provided after the games or competitions. Again, please let me know anything you'd like added...My goal is for these list to be ever evolving.

Healthy Drinks (relatively speaking)

Any 100% Juice,
Minute Maid
Welchs juiceboxes
Juicy Juice
Gatorade (Gatorade-G2 has the least amount of sugar and calories)
Capri-Sun individual packs of waters
Vitamin Water (extra points for "cool" factor)

Unhealthy Drinks (too sugary)

Hi C
Hawaiian Punch
Those gross, colored, sugar-water drinks in the plastic bottles (but, boy are they cheap)


Hi C
Hawaiian Punch
Those gross colored, sugar- water drinks in the plastic bottles (but, boy are they cheap)

Drinks to make sure you are never asked to provide snacks again

Coke or Pepsi
Full Throttle
Coffee Energy Drinks
Grape Juice
Prune Juice
Double Expresso (although parents would love these for themselves; especially at long, boring competitions with lots of waiting, like a swimmeet, gymnastics meet, cheerleading competition, could probably make some extra cash)

Drinks the kids LOVE to get

Gatorade, any type, but especially Fierce, which seems very popular at the moment.
Yoohoo (some kids love it, some hate it, i wouldn't risk it)


Mark Salinas said...

We try to avoid the HFCS as much as possible. Thanks for the list.

baseballmom said...

propel is getting really popular around here, especially since they now make smaller bottles!

Juicebox Mom said...

Thanks Baseball mom! Yes, Propel is popular here did I forget? I may bring that to MS soccer next week instead of Gatorade now that you mention it. Thanks again, I just added to my lists.